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Riding to heaven on a trout

I want to ride to heaven on a trout—just like the one at the Great Northern Carousel in Helena, Montana.

I know this may seem like an odd request, but let me explain.

The Great Northern Carousel isn’t just a ride; it is a revolving work of art. It features 37 different Montana animals—each hand carved and painted with remarkable detail. Kids can climb upon a bighorn sheep, a wolf, an antelope or even grizzly bear and whirl around and around. Of course, I have my eye on the greenish blue cutthroat trout with a saddle on its back.

The amount of reverence, talent and passion that went into creating each animal is immeasurable.

So yeah, when my time comes, I can’t think of better place to be then on the back of a beautiful trout—hanging on with one hand like a cowboy on a bucking bronco.

What a wonderful ride that would be.

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